Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Unflappable Weiner Press Spokesperson Barbara Morgan Flaps

Back in the summer of 2009 I first met Barbara Morgan at a rally at PS 123 in Harlem protesting the Eva invasion. She introduced herself claiming she was an ed notes reader. She was working at the NYCDOE for Joel Klein chief flack David Cantor. At one point I offered her (and David) jobs representing Ed Notes so they could get the sleaze of repping for Klein off (or most of it.)

After repping Klein, Chris Cerf, and Corrie Booker, Barbara just might have been better off at Ed Notes. (I pay in cookies.)

She was my favorite Tweedie, always friendly and calm no matter how heated things became. She was at so many meetings that I videotaped you'd think she was really on my staff. I loved how the numerous Klein flacks twitted around at meetings massaging the ed press (except me) -- and how massage-able they seemed to be. Barbara was one of the best masseuses.

Now she is all over the local and national news. Oy!

Read her rant.

She went ballistic -- not it seems over the internal stuff the intern leaked – but over the attack on her for having a thin resume. Klein, Booker, Cerf, Weiner  -- maybe not thin but certainly slimy.

Of course, Barbara is a PR person and her own PR is the most important thing, so the attack on her by the intern cut deepest. But some commented that she was doing a great job in a very difficult situation. Now she may be toast, not just as Weiner's press chief but her career will take a serious hit. But not to worry. Barbara has backers in high places. My suggestion: she use them to get her a job teaching 3rd grade in the South Bronx.

I'm thinking of tweeting her a pic of my junk.

I'm pretty sure she won't be upset.

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