Friday, July 19, 2013

NYC Teacher Bloggers on the Loose: Slam Gotham Schools Coverage And TFA

Another blogger slams Gotham Schools, more and more a wholly owned subsidiary of the charter school movement.
I spend much more time reading other bloggers than writing my own -- that should be painfully obvious in terms of the deteriorating quality over here. Blame the heat. Or lower mental capacity. Or too many social things going on. I'm going to blog tonight listing details of my busy social life so I can get a "lack of blogging" pass -- or "we don't give a shit if you blog or not" messages. I've got to head into town for a MORE meeting today at 2 -- yes we are crazy.

If you look at the fabulous blogroll on ed notes it is clear that there is almost no need for me to blog much anymore given the quality of work so many people are doing. What great news for a lazy guy. Just collate and link.What a life -- allows me to sit outside on my deck reading "Dirty Wars" and smoking my pipe, a renewed hobby after 30 years.


NYC Educator slams Gotham schools on coverage - or lack thereof - of UFT protest on charter co-locos, pointing out that when Student First farts Gotham is there to sniff. (Well, he said it more genteelly than that.)

Gotham Schools Values

But then again Student First pays for their coverage at Gotham.

Perdido St S goes into some depth on the Bloomberg 4th term intent to lock in charter co-locos.

Bloomberg Announces Charter School Locations To Continue "In Perpetuity"


Raging Horse also comments:
Bloomberg Again Attempts to Extend his Education Policies into Successor’s Term -


Gary Rubinstein slams TFA leader over hackneyed use of "status quo" terminology. Don't the deformers know they are now the new status quo? Gary calls the guy clueless -- he doesn't even know that the slickster ed deformers are not using the old SQ term anymore -- even Joel Klein who used it every other word has backed off it realizing that using SQ 12 years of running the schools is a self-indictment.

TFA co-CEO’s vs. The Boogeyman


Chaz nails the DOE again on favoritism for newbie teachers. Can't wait to hear Walcott defend the use of select newbie pilots and doctors over experience by going up in a plane and having his next medical procedure done by one of them.

The City Pulls All Stops To Get "Select" Newbie Teachers Hired While Trying To Kick ATRs To The Curb. - The DOE has shown once again how they will go to great lengths to get *"newbie teachers" *hired while making it difficult for schools to hire better qua...


Another blogger slams Gotham Schools, more and more a wholly owned subsidiary of the charter school movement.

Urban Ed

Celebrating America's Best Teacher (and Why You'll NEVER read About That on - Some time ago, a guy named Steve Brill -a non-teacher, non-education and virtual know-nothing to the entire education discussion in America- wrote a book e...


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