Sunday, July 14, 2013

Martin Van Buren HS Community fight back against co-location

One of the more sinister methods the Department of Education uses to undermine comprehensive high schools is by opening up new schools within buildings that were not designed to hold multiple schools. This hurts the established school in a number of ways. The student population of the comprehensive school is reduced to accommodate the new school.  This in turn leads to a huge budget cut in the established school which leads to massive staff and program reductions. The students in the established school are also made to feel that they are second class citizens in their own school as they see the new school lavished with all kinds of state of the art equipment and facilities in their part of the building as the DOE pours start up funds into the new school. The DOE can then compare the two schools and find the established one lacking. ....James Eterno
The Martin Van Buren High School community is fighting the co-location of a new school in their building.  They are holding a press conference Monday at 1:00 pm in front of the school.  James Eterno has the details on the ICE blog.

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