Saturday, July 20, 2013

Reposted: Kerrie Dalman, president of Colorado teachers association writes pro-inBloom oped as metastasizing cancer keeps eating away at the NEA and AFT

Kerrie Dalman is President of the Colorado Education Association, the state affiliate of the NEA.  She’s also head honcho of Southwest TURN, a branch of the metastasizing cancer eating away at the NEA and AFT. ......
@theChalkface exposes another turncoat union leader

I'm reposting this as new links have come in. Want to discuss the internal cancer eating away at teacher unions? Come to the MORE summer weekly series this Thursday I'm helping organize: UFT Leadership; Friend or Foe.

For documentation of Gates grant to Colorado Education Association:

Diane Ravitch posted this Colorado teacher response:

This Teacher Does Not Love inBloom

by dianerav
Peg Robertson read the article in the Denver Post in which the president of the Colorado Education Association praised inBloom and said that it would provide great learning tools.
Peg is a teacher and parent in Colorado, and she is a leader of United OptOut. She is opposed to inBloom. Here she explains why.
Read her article in its entirety.
 Another comment

10:33am Jul 20
Kerrie Dalman the president of the Colorado teachers union just wrote a pro-inBloom oped in the Denver Post; saying how the sharing of personal student data with inBloom and for-profit vendors will help teachers reach students more effectively.

If you are a teacher and disagree leave a comment on the oped, and on the CEA Facebook page where they have linked to the article

Also, if any Colorado teacher wants to write on this -- about how sharing students' personal data with vendors is likely to hurt rather than help -- as well as the fact that inBloom is also collecting data for teachers, including your name, address, SSN, and the reason you were let go of your last teaching job, all linked to your students' test scores, in a way that puts your privacy at risk (and could jeopardize your future professional prospects), please let me know. You could offer it to the Denver Post and if they don't publish I'd be happy to feature it on my blog and ask Diane to link to it to make sure it gets maximum readership

Finally, the CEA did get $300K from Gates Foundation in Feb. 2013

Hope you all read the terrific expose of the Gates effect
and how they use their huge wealth to buy assent in higher ed at
InBloom enables great teaching tools

For a teacher, nothing beats that moment when the light goes on, when a student says,

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