Tuesday, July 9, 2013

MORE Summer Series Begins Thursday, 4PM: High Stakes Testing and the Schools Our Children Deserve

Serious discussion while enjoying a happy hour. Check out what people are saying around 7PM. Jia Lee is organizing this with other parents from Change the Stakes, so this should be fun.  
We're kicking off the summer series July 11 by taking a look at the effects of high stakes testing in our schools. Parents from Change the Stakes will be joining us to discuss why a growing parent movement against the high stakes nature of these tests is mounting not just in NYC but statewide and nationally. Discuss HST and its use as a vehicle for enabling destructive policies such as school closures & ranking and sorting students that leads to the school to prison pipeline. The socioeconomic and racial disparity in these policies have been downplayed and must be brought to light. This will be a great opportunity to discuss teacher and parent concerns as well as ways in which we can support each other and build a movement towards enabling schools that our students deserve. 
I'm in charge of the next one on July 25:
UFT/AFT Leadership: Friend or Foe? A full understanding of the role the UFT/AFT leadership plays is a crucial step for any caucus. Through what lens does an opposition caucus in the UFT view Unity, the dominant party in power? As potential partner, foe or something in between?
· To what extent can a caucus challenge the leadership without being accused of promoting an antiunion mentality amongst a disaffected membership?

· Can a caucus create pressure to force changes in policy or would
such changes be cosmetic, co-opting the opposition while strengthening the leadership?

Come to an open debate and discussion on these crucial questions that must be explored before any caucus can grow!
We'll do a little history and have various points of view on this issue. Is the UFT leadership really Vichylike or is that just hyperbole?

Here is the announcement from Mike Schirtzer:
Hi folks,
We know it's a been hot and rainy summer so far, but we hope you are finding some well deserved rest and relaxation.
Please join us this Thursday as we kick off our 2nd annual summer series with a discussion on the proliferation of high stakes testing, the movement to oppose it, and how we can work together to achieve the schools our children deserve.
More info
4:00-7:00pm at Local 138 at 138 Ludlow St. Lower East Side NYC

Before the summer series our steering committee is meeting, which is open to all, we will discuss our upcoming campaigns and membership structure. Join us 2:00pm at Berkli Parc Cafe on the corner of Delancey and Allen St, only a couple of blocks walk  to the summer series. It is good chance to have lunch or coffee with us  and share your valued input.

Look forward to seeing everyone Thursday,
Mike Schirtzer

More details here:
*2013 MORE Summer Series*
* Discussion, Debate, Educate!*

*Every Other Thursday this Summer!* at *Local 138* 138 Ludlow St (betw. Rivington & Stanton) *4-7P**M*

Happy Hour Daily (4pm-9pm) $3 draft beer, $3 wines, $3 well drinks Nearest Transit Stations: Delancey St. (F), Essex St. (J,M,Z) 2nd Ave St (F)

Here are the August events:

**August 8: How Do We Fight For a New Contract?*

Our wages have been stagnant and the DOE is already imposing new
contractual terms on us: the most anti-­‐teacher interpretation of the
Danielson framework. It’s transforming teachers into test prep coaches,
using standardized test scores as an evaluation tool, and is making
tenure elusive for most new teachers as well as ensuring less job protection for all tenured teachers.

The UFT leadership’s only fair contract strategy is to influence the
Democratic mayoral primary with the hope that the new mayor will feel
obliged to the UFT. The problem with this is that after the election, the
UFT will have no leverage over the Mayor and we will be negotiating at our
weakest. The lack of real UFT mobilization has given the green light to the
DOE to violate our contract, increase the number of observations, and use
partial observations against teachers.

We deserve a Contract that has :

· Real wage increases that keep pace with the rising cost of living and that improve starting teacher salaries.

· End to formal use of snapshot and informal observations.

· Contractual protections against abusive supervisors

· Due process for untenured teachers so all have a clear path to tenure

· Right to Permanent Placement for All ATRs with choice options

· Reduce class-size

· Ensure students with special needs and English language learners
receive all mandated services

*August 22: The First Days of School: How to Build an Active Chapter** *
The first days of school are a busy time for teachers. In addition to
setting up our classrooms and preparing lessons for incoming students, we
are typically inundated with mandates and requests from administration.
This summer, the Movement of Rank and File Educators will hold a discussion and training session for all teachers (not just chapter leaders and
delegates) on the First Days of School, and how we can get off on the right
foot educating, organizing, and mobilizing our coworkers. Topics include
but are not limited to:

· Overcoming anti unionism/E4E

· Overcoming apathy

· Overcoming fear/Dealing with difficult supervisors

· How to get your UFT chapter started and building a consultation

· Getting support for first-year teachers?
When is it time to file a grievance about class sizes, programs or other

If you have any ideas based on your first days of school, please contact

* *

*For any questions , Email MORE at :** **more@morecaucusnyc.org*

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