Monday, July 1, 2013

The Onion: Progressive Charter School Doesn’t Have Students

You know the anti-ed deform message is getting through when The Onion does a story like this. And how much fun they use the name Forest Gates Academy.,33009/

Progressive Charter School Doesn’t Have Students

News in BriefeducationNews ISSUE 49•26 Jul 1, 2013

ATLANTA—One year into its founding as the purported “bold next step in education reform,” administrators on Monday sang the praises of Forest Gates Academy, a progressive new charter school that practices an innovative philosophy of not admitting any students. “We’ve done something here at Forest Gates that is truly special, combining modern, cutting-edge pedagogical methods with a refreshingly non-pupil-centric approach,” said academy president Diane Blanchard, who claimed that the experimental school boasts state-of-the-art facilities, a diverse and challenging syllabus, absolutely zero students, a world-class library, and the highest faculty-student ratio in the nation. “Thanks to our groundbreaking methods, we’ve established a structured yet free-thinking environment where the student is taken out of the equation entirely, and in fact is not allowed on school property. And the results, we think, speak for themselves.” According to its budgetary records, Forest Gates has so far received approximately $80 million in public funding from the state of Georgia

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  1. Yeah, those students ruin everything. They're almost as bad as the teachers.


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