Monday, May 12, 2008

John Merrow - Only an Idiot...

...would overlook Merrow's one-sided coverage of education on the News Hour With Jim Lehrer.
(What other news are they doing one-sided reporting on?) A supposed non-commercial station, which always pleads for money because they claim to be a counterweight, is up for the highest bidder when it comes to Merrow bias.

Only an idiot would write "Only an idiot would overlook student performance, be it dismal or outstanding" and then go on to talk about the narrowest form of assessment possible while ignoring all the other assessments of student "performance" - how about attendance? how about functioning effectively in a social setting? - what's the matter, John, too hard to figure all this stuff out for a supposed "expert" on education.

It is no surprise Muroch's Wall Street Journal gives him a platform. What's next? The NY Post?

Merrow's Learning Matters is funded by Annenberg, Gates, Carnegie - the usual suspects.

Check Eduwonkette's take: Who Slipped a Mickey in John Merrow's Kool-Aid?

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Anonymous said...

When I was an intern at WNET, I was told that their (news) programs had to please their corporate sponsors.