Thursday, May 22, 2008

Zero Obama Supporters in the UFT

UPDATE: Fred Klonsky slaps Leo Casey.

One of the most remarkable, almost a miracle one might say, undercurrents in this Hillary-Barack battle where the entire Democratic Party has split down the middle, has taken place in the United Federation of Teachers where 200,000 members support Hillary Clinton – unanimously.

Even more remarkable has been the reversal of what is happening nationally: 90% of black voters support Obama, yet not one single black Obama supporter has emerged in the UFT.
Nationally, Clinton gets the older, blue collar and less educated vote while Obama gets the younger, white collar, college educated vote.

Not in the UFT, which everyone would agree is not only white collar and college educated, but has had a massive influx of young teachers. Again, not one Obama supporter amongst these demographics has been spotted.

Likened to the way Hasidim vote en masse in elections, the membership has followed the lead of Randi Weingarten in one of the most remarkable operations in political history.


  1. I was recently asked to contribute to COPE. When I asked why COPE dollars were being spent to support Clinton's ego I received no response. I wonder how much of her loan will be paid by us.

  2. The Organization has followed its Constitution and officially endorsed Hillary Clinton. I'm sure that everyone knows that among its many tens of thousand members, many will favor Obama or even McCain.I'm sure that no individual will be, or could be coerced to vote against his/her own conscience. Further I believe there is substantial respect for the principle of free thought and action.

  3. Anon 9:53:
    Note the delicate parsing of words: The Organization has followed the Constitution."
    What Organization? the AFT and NYSUT btu not the UFT endorsed Clinton. Note that the Chicago TU also AFT endorsed Obama. They had the oppty. So what constitution are you talking about? I note the UFT ExBD and DA are endorsing every candidate EXCEPT in the Presidential primary. Now tell us you don't endorse in primaries - except you did for mayor in 2001 - 3 times.

    This was a manipulative attempt to prevent any discussion from taking place in the UFT. That the members of the DA and expecially the New Action sellouts on the Exec Bd remained silent is just an indication of the long term disinterest of the members in the union.

  4. At this point it wouldn't be shocking if the UFT endorsed McCain. They have demonstrated an unhealthy disrespect for democracy along with our local and national governments. I have heard from so many "Democrats" that they will vote for McCain if Obama is the Democratic candidate. What they fail to see is that whatever Obama or people close to him are being accused of is being committed by the McCain camp as well. Of course, it's OK to have offensive pastors who spew hatred at some point in their so-called "spiritual" lives. McCain has Hagee, the guy who has been quoted as saying that G-d sent Hitler to "hunt" Jews or something to that effect. I'm more offended by him than by any anti white pastor like the "Rev." Wright. I'm not thrilled with any of the candidates and am ready to emigrate if the draft ever is reinstituted. I listen to my own drum, not the UFT's. It is altogether possible that I may not vote since I have no faith in this system any more. Listening to the emerging racism from so called "liberals" is a painful experience. I avoid these conversations. These are hard times for idealists.

  5. There is no way the UFT/AFt would support McCain even if they wanted him to win to make Hillary in '12 viable. They would lose all credibility and hurt her chances. So they will do everything right and make a big show of Obama support with all the trappings. The damage has probably already been done but they will say - "look how we tried to unite" and after the election time will pass and people will begin to forget. It's a long range game they play.

  6. I don't believe it's a long range game they play. I think they look around, say "This'll do for now," and accept whatever comes down the pike with no regard for the consequences. Unfortunately, Chancellor Klein has long-term plans. It's unfortunate that they never seem to cross the minds of the UFT aristocracy, which doesn't even know when it's moving backwards.

  7. I was being more than somewhat sarcastic about the UFT endorsing McCain...however, there is a big dog-and-pony show over at the UFT. I agree, NYC Ed, that the UFT is simply expeditious in its dealings with KleinBloom. The "UFT aristocracy" as you so aptly put it doesn't CARE to know when it's moving backwards, a noticeable trend since the 2005 contract.

  8. The UFT and NYSUT have supported Senator Clinton and rightfully so. She has been a strong supporter of labor and education her entire life as a public servant. When Senator Obama receives the democratic nomination, I am sure that many members will support and vote for Senator Obama. But, the loyalty shown to Senator Clinton and respect shown now are appropriate. We should favor our friends and exhibit loyalty. The reference to Rabbi Weingarten is quite offensive and just attempts to create further dissention among democrats.

  9. Yeah Norm, why are you sitting around trying to create further "dissention" among Democrats? It's a good thing the UFT aristocracy can read your mind, or I'd never have even suspected anything so sinister.

    And how dare you call someone who sold out working teachers with the worst contract in UFT history a "rabbi?" What the hell sort of spiritual leader would ever do a thing like that?

  10. Yeah, see! I'm being paid by McCain to sow dissension just like Unity accused me of being paid by Bloomberg to sow dissension in the UFT and before that when New Action said Unity was paying for Ed Notes to sow dissension in the opposition. I'm just a sow(er). And pretty rich by now with all that money coming in.

    But of course, the Clinton people did no sowing of dissension on their own. And our buddies in Unity wouldn't even have a discussion on Obama. How about a referendum on Clinton/Obama in the UFT? What do you guess the result would be? 99.9% for Clinton I guess, which is why it was right and proper for NYSUT - and and did you forget that no body in the UFT ever voted to endorse anyone - made such an "obvious" choice.

  11. Well, if you're holding a patronage job, waiting on a second pension, and everyone from Unity is watching you vote, you tend to share Ms. Weingarten's opinions quite enthusiastically. I mean, you may be cheap, but you are for sale, after all.

  12. Norm, normally I find your thoughts right on the money.

    The "Rabbi" Randi comment just doesn't sit well with me. It's not much different than that Unity hack who refers to many of the people here with childish names, except it invokes a religious connotation too. We're better than that.

  13. Just another bad joke. I once called Weingarten Just Another Politician - a JAP. And some people went crazy. My cartoonist drew her and Unity people came to me and said her nose looked to big and made her look too Jewish. My cartoonist responded with "her nose is her nose."

    I guess as a Jew I feel it is fine to make these jokes and I don't give a crap abotu offending Unity slugs but your thoughtful comment is different and I took out the "rabbi" ref.

    Now if someone says that comparing the way the Hasisids vote based on being told to vote one way to he same way Unity Caucus does it as somehow treading on dangerous ground, that is going too far.


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