Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bronx Teacher Under Gun Due to Student Boycott of Test

Updated Thurs, May 22, 10 PM

The Resistance to the Standardistas grows

Teacher Doug Avella from IS 318 in the Bronx is in the Rubber Room (let's hear it from the peanut gallery in the press and the national teacher bashers about only incompetents being in the RR) for doing exactly what? Talking about testing to his kids? And 160 kids in 6 classes just pick themselves up and boycott the 22nd standardized test they took this year?

You mean a teacher in middle school in the Bronx actually got 160 kids to do what he wanted them to do? Someone has got to be kidding if they think it is that easy to move THAT mountain.

Question on ICE-mail: Will the UFT back up this teacher?

Jeff Kaufman responds:
You're kidding, right? The UFT will backup this teacher right into the unemployment line. Sure, they will provide an advocate to represent him at the discontinuance and U rating appeals but do you think they will file an Article 78 in Court challenging his dismissal? Not a prayer.

Joining teachers from North Carolina (video) and Washington State.

Maybe it's a trend.

Hey, TFA people! If you are going to leave after 2 years anyway, why not go out in style?

Dan Brown's take at the Huffington Post.


  1. Great article. Good for those kids! Clearly, though, the real reason that the school wishes to revoke the teacher's probation is because:

    "My students know they are welcome in my class to have open discussions," Avella said. "I teach them critical thinking."
    Where does this guy think he's teaching, America?

  2. I was there today when channel 7 news was trying to interview the kids. The dean was telling the kids to go home and make no comment to the press. The UFT special representative was encouraging the kids to speak to the reporters about testing. Maybe the UFT should be holding the demonstrations instead of telling the 13 year olds to speak! The teachers heart was in the right place but he is now in the rubber room and I am sure they will discontinue him.Stupid move on his part to do it in school. It has cost him his job. TOO BAD!!

  3. I remember a time when children were encouraged to speak up for themselves. It wasn't that long ago, was it?

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