Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Absentee Teacher Reserves

Don't miss James Eterno's marvelous historical analysis on ATR/contract reopening over at the ICE blog. James points out almost 20 years of UFT obfuscation and dis-information. (I think it should be mis-information but they have gone beyond mis to dis.)

Tim Daly the head of the New Teacher Project which issued the report that condemned the union and ATRs' instead of the DOE (he DOES have contracts with the DOE, so why expect anything else), is the guest blogger at Eduwonkette today. Head on over and leave him a comment.

Jumping in today is NYC Educator (is there anyone naive enough to believe that if Mr. Daly's group came to different conclusions they'd still be riding the DoE gravy train?) jumping in.

Daley criticizes the UFT and on the surface, they actually come out looking good - the defender of ATR teachers. Start scratching to see what is going on behind the scenes and a slightly different story might emerge. We have the itch and some data is coming in. Is this all about the UFT covering its tracks over the role it played in creating the ATR situation in the first place? Their "it's a damn outrage" stuff - "we set up a system that would work if only Tweed were honorable" point should be up on Letterman's comedy of the day segments.

A comment (edited) left on another posting on this blog.

I feel like the tone Randi Weingarten takes is the one I imagine of individuals trying to rationalize with the Nazis. "You are very right that the street is, ultimately, in your jurisdiction, so if you don't believe that the broken glass on the ground is important, I can't argue with you. I would suggest, however, that you consider that the needs of my children are similar to those in neighborhoods where there is no glass on the ground today." What is sad is that I can see myself being equally "appropriate". Gandhi was able to embarass the British with his actions. They knew arresting a man for making salt is ridiculous and their metaphorical cheeks got read. But nothing makes American's blush anymore -- I don't mean sexually -- I mean in terms of standards with which we treat each other. That's why its hard to see how absolutely absurd it is to keep being so seemingly rational. While she is making her nice speech, the tracks are being built. It's a common mistake made centuries over by lesser and better people, so perhaps she is to be set in context and excused for it. Nobody thought they would really send people to their deaths on a daily basis. In plain sight. Would the city fire thousands of people on frivolous charges in broad daylight?

At least, at Credit Suisse, you get a package. At Verizon, there's a whole process you have to go through before you can fire someone. Why would a public sector agency be able to do things the private sector cannot do with such impunity? Can you imagine Bear Sterns hauling off it's over 40 accountants on charges they were dangerous to the clients without actually being able to prove so? Would they dare? Again, at least they would get a package.

On a similar track, rubber room teachers have also come under attack.
Check Saddleshoes' commentary at: http://saddleshoe.blogspot.com/2008/05/daily-news-and-rubber-room.html

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