Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tim Daley: Do you want to hire me?


From: One of those senior ATRs you want to push into early retirement

Question: Do you want to hire me?

I'm a Music teacher.
Masters plus 30 credits.
20 years longevity in NYC school system.
Biggest Chorus for about a decade in Manhattan middle schools.
Full S ratings throughout career.
Great letters of satisfaction, commendation, awe, and thanks through entire career.
Full of energy, full of skills -- pianist, opera singer, know many languages, accomplished music historian, directed theater, playwright....

Before teaching, was for years a Senior Staff Editor of the largest and most prestigious music encyclopedia in the world - 24 vols. Was responsible for some of the largest bibliographical articles in it, international reputation in music bibliography.

Problem: Am 61 years old with relatively big salary

Repeat. Would you hire me? If so when?

You're not the only one who wouldn't.

Applied to 10 schools through the Open Market. Though clearly one of the most experienced, educated music teachers in the system, did not get called for a single interview.

So, ...... Am still an ATR.


While grad students -- yes! GRAD STUDENTS, with no Masters -- get jobs.

And you think this system works?

Repeat one more time:
Would you hire me?
Would YOU be willing to offer me a job?

You are a corporate sell-out with an agenda, feeding off the DOE chow line and living on the backs of the children of NYC.

Shame on you.

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