Friday, May 16, 2008

Russo Thoughts on Ed Blogger Summit

Russo says teacher bloggers were a big hit, as opposed I guess, to ed policy wonk types and quasi reform politicos.
Does anyone get the message that teachers are the keys in this whole ed reform thing?
Those that can or those that can't do whatever or something like that. Roy Romer? Jeez.

Like how about some real power for teachers as part of ed reform? Like let them choose the principal. Yikes! How radical an ed reform idea! But they do it in Europe. Way too radical for our namby pamby teacher unions, who might even ask for a trial - I bet our teacher-run schools kick the corporate reform model schools' asses.

Wait 'til the NYC Ed Blogger Masked Summit which will be held at a top secret location to protect all the people who must remain anonymous due to witch hunts by Tweed and Ed Sector wonks.

I'm making my Eduwonkette mask as we speak.

Anyone know where I can get a good buy on that dress?


Anonymous said...

Hilarious that you, of all people, who have repeatedly asked me for identifying information (my school, my grade level, etc.), and have falsely accused me of being anything but what I really am - a teacher - would have the nerve to point to witch hunts allegedly being performed by others. Hey Kettle, this is Pot, you're black.

Anonymous said...

Oh, stop, Soc. You don't teach.