Saturday, May 31, 2008

Place Blame For School Cuts Where It’s Due

We have not been covering the budget cuts in NYC because there's been so much coverage elsewhere, especially on the NYC Parent blog and listserve.
Leonie Haimson writes (note her comment on the NY Times as MIA).

I want everyone to read the excellent editorial in the Queens Chronicle – far more on target than the NY Post or the Daily news– both of which have written intemperate, inaccurate and biased editorials about the budget cuts to schools, blaming the City council and the State Legislature respectively, instead of where the true responsibility clearly lies – on the shoulders of the mayor and the chancellor.

The Chronicle editorial is also far better than anything that the NY Times is likely to write on the subject. The Times editorial page, as usual, continues to be missing in action on this and nearly every other important issue that relates our schools in this city.

Place Blame For School Cuts Where It’s Due

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Our friend Eduwonk noted a while ago that the Times' editorial board is conservative. One of their staffers(Joyce Purnick, I think) is writing a Bloomberg biography.