Saturday, May 24, 2008

Educational Rheeform

UPDATE: Finding Your Entrepreneurial Core: 24 maxims for becoming an entrepreneurial teacher.
The Eggplant follow-up to a recent Rhee's speech.

Dedicated to Providing Important Information About Michelle Rhee, Chancellor of DC Public Schools, Before She Destroys Public Education

It is interesting that Randi Weingarten actually talked about Rhee, though not exactly critically or in a mild form, at the last Delegate Assembly - clearly in response to some of the blogging going on, unusual in that Randi likes to make it seem the battle is between Klein and her, not nationally. But with her move to that stage she will have to deal with it.

The recent contract demands by Rhee to give her total control over moving people around should be loudly condemned by Randi as an extremely dangerous precedent. But she won't.
It is important to connect the Rhee stuff so teachers in NYC see a connection and don't allow Unity to keep the debate to "oh, when we elect the new mayor all will be well" -- they way they will try to extort more COPE money.

Note how Rhee appears at so many conferences (as does Klein) - they could be in schools really seeing whats' going on but the political agenda is what counts.

Read Ednotes' last posting on Rhee, "Rhee, the Monster of DC, Soon to Follow, the UFT."


  1. Not terribly surprising that you would like a blogger who uses an Asian dragon as part of his or her logo about an Asian chancellor. It's just the kind of racial insensitivity I'd expect from someone who believes that no KIPP parents have a college degree just because KIPP parents are mostly minorities.

  2. It's a hydra genius. A Greek mythological figure. Do you even know who Socrates was, speaking of Greeks?

  3. Even if it is a hydra, which is in no way evident, it's so close to an Asian dragon as to be easily construed as such. One might wonder why a blogger would choose a DRAGON, whether of the Greek or Asian variety, as the logo/header for a blog about an Asian chancellor. Then again, one might not wonder. This is race-baiting, pure and simple - no way would you excuse it if another race were similarly targeted.

  4. Checkout the UFT eyeglass plan. Nice frames for cheap.

  5. And one might wonder how one who refers to himself as Socrates, one of the most well known Greek philosophers does not know a hydra when he sees one. OH! I know what happened! Your English teacher was one of those people who come in for two years and leave. Poor, poor guy. Talk about an incomplete education.
    Here's a link for you:

  6. Do you actually think that hydras were real, and thus subject to recognition by Socrates?

    Quick hint: I'm not actually Socrates, I use that as my name. The real-life Socrates is dead. Sorry to disappoint. I chose that moniker because Socrates is probably the most famous teacher of all time, and he believed that a life unexamined is not worth living. Unlike you guys, who would prefer that nobody ever examine what you do (including applying racist images to a national leader).

  7. LOL! Somehow, I knew that you weren't Socrates.
    Socrates considered himself to be the wisest man in Greece because he was aware of his own ignorance.
    You, on the other hand have no clue of how ignorant you are.

  8. How about Mocrates?
    Smoc-smoc-rates - in honor of Dick Martin

  9. lol. I like schmucrates.

  10. Works for me. As long as you don't call me A Voice in the Wilderness or Woodlass I'll take any name.

  11. "Do you actually think that hydras were real, and thus subject to recognition by Socrates?"
    The hydra was used metaphorically by sophists to represent the corruption of government.
    Did you even attend college?


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