Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dissidents in the UFT are divisive...

...or so goes the UFT/Unity line. But they undoubtedly support a Clinton protest in Washington to seat the Michigan and Florida delegations because that is democracy.

Hmmm. As the lead in the article says:
The cracks in the divided Democratic Party just got a little deeper.

So what if it divides the Party? Maybe the Democratic Party needs division.
I don't object to a protest. More democracy, I say.

It is the hypocrisy of the UFT leadership I object too. When ICE and TJC ran campaigns against Randi and the 2005 contract: DIVIDERS, AGENTS OF BLOOMKLEIN were hurled at us. Remember when Randi tried to run unopposed in 2004 by buying off the then opposition, New Action? That was why ICE got started and worked with TJC to try to rebuild an opposition practically from scratch.

Then when we won 6 out of 89 on the Executive Board they went crazy over having to deal with them and came up with a strategy to get even these 6 off the Board by co-endorsing 8 useless New Action people who sit there mute.

But when it comes to Hillary, they will give you the holier than thou "Let the democratic process play itself out."

Coming soon: Randi and Leo Casey attack me - on a blog in Chicago.


NYC Educator said...

Actually Hillary originally agreed that Florida and Michigan wouldn't be seated. She said the rules were the rules, or something to that effect.

Only when Obama became a real threat did she realize the importance of seating these two states.

Funny how people have these changes of heart.

Chaz said...


You must be shaking at your blog. Leo Casey is after you!

I only remember the lies and half-truths he posted at Edwize about the 2005 contract.