Friday, July 9, 2010

Eva Moskowitz Wants Your School

I heard from the chapter leader at PS 123 the other day. They stopped the illegally run hearing on space utilization on June 18. I know first hand about the impact on the school when they had to drop out of the robotics program last year due to factors related to the HSA invasion.

Hey! If you're a teacher in NYC and free Monday afternoon/evening, there is no excuse for you not to go up to Harlem at 4:30 to support the PS 123 community at this public hearing over the invasion of their school by Evil Moskowitz' Harlem Success Academy. I won't be back in time but send reports on what happened. Anyone with a video camera should get footage for the day when a serious documentary maker decides to do a film telling the side of the resistance against the ed deformers.

Just talk to the teachers in CORE from Chicago as I did extensively last night and they are practically screaming for other teachers to take action NOW and not allow to happen to them what happened to Chicago teachers who have suffered under the catastrophe of 15 years of mayoral control. I will write more about that later. Here is a plea from Concerned Educators Network UFT and the Coalition for Public Education.

We are forwarding this information for the purpose of alerting you about the Charter attacks on Public Schools. If your school is not a target of a charter invasion, it may soon be. There is a deliberate and aggressive campaign by Klein/Bloomberg to push charter schools into Public School buildings with a vengeance. They may succeed in their draconian plans if we passively allow them. We are calling on all educators to use their time off to come and support PS 123M to stave off the Eva Moskowitz plan to continue her Harlem Success Academy invasion of space at the Public School building. It's a gesture of solidarity. An Injury to one is an injury to all!
In Solidarity,

Our embattled Sisters & Brothers at PS123 need you. Come out on Monday @ 4:30pm.

It's the mandated state hearing on the impact of the invasion on the PS123 facilities.
Dept of Mis-Education (DoM-E) has tried to have this when nobody is around

Support the students, parents, educators and staff. They are struggling for educational equity.
They demand respect and to get their lab, library, classrooms and bathroom back.

" RESIST as Bloomklein, DoM-E & Moscowitz continue the charter school invasion."

For Info Call: 646-262-9052

CPE-CEP Outreach

State mandated Facilities Hearing
Monday, July 12, 2010
4:30 pm
In the Auditorium
301 West 140 Street,
Bet. 8th Ave. & Edgecomb Ave.

A train to 145 St.
2,3,or 10 bus to 140 St.

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