Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jean Shepherd Takes Down the Press

Listening to NPR right now:

August 28, 2003
Forty years ago Thursday, radio storyteller Jean Shepherd took a crowded bus from New York City to participate in the March on Washington. The next day he went on the air and told about the experience from his perspective in the crowds. He was surprised by the good-natured attitude of most of the demonstrators, and by how they were received by regular people walking around in the city. We hear an excerpt from his broadcast of Aug. 29, 1963. -

Shepherd tells how his experience differs so from that of the press corps. Probably because they didn't cover it as a participant. They didn't take a bus down. The flew in the day before and stayed at hotels. Then covered from behind the press ropes.

He's still talking so catch the wave. Or check archives.

For my next present - if my wife ever gets me one - I want the entire Jean Shepherd archives. And every night at around 11pm I will plug in a sert of earphones and go back to being 16 years old.

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