Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rochester Crew Was In the House

We met a great bunch of resistance fighters from Rochester today who made the long trip down to rally in front of Malcolm Smith's offices in Queens and Manhattan because of his attempt to get the NY State Senate to shove mayoral control down their throats. I won't go into Smith's history here - search Ed Notes and The Wave (www.rockawave.com) to find all the sordid details. You see Smith's picture when you look up "conflict of interest" in the dictionary. The Daily News sent a reporter.

James and Camille Eterno (and baby) came by to make a statement as did GEM's Diane Smith. I took some video which I will try to work on during the long plane ride to Seattle. (Big question- should I do convention stuff Thurs night or go see the Yankees?)

Some of the Manhattan parents showed up later (I didn't make that event) and here is a statement by Richard B:

I stood with the folks from Rochester in front of Malcolm Smith's 250 Broadway office today. NY 1 and WNYC radio were there. I pointed out when it was my turn that as unhappy as those of us here in NYC are about the fact that the Legislature essentially renewed mayoral control for NYC with only minor changes, over our objections, there is a level of outrageousness present in the Rochester situation which was not present in our situation, in that a legislator from another city (Smith) is attempting to get mayoral control established for Rochester EVEN THOUGH the city's own senators oppose it.

As Patrick Sullivan wrote in a post yesterday, we really ought to demand that our own senators refuse to go along with dictating to Rochester how its own school system should be governed.

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