Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Seattle

---yes many funny things happened on the way to Seattle but this is about a funny thing that happened at the Rockaway Theatre Company where I happen to be the videographer (because they can't find anyone else).

Last night "A Funny Thing ...." opened As in all shows at the RTC it is NOT TO BE MISSED. Chazmond J. Peacock one of the great young actors at the RTC plays Pseudolus, the Zero Mostel role and is wonderful. I've seen Chaz do Jud in Oklahoma and and Mr. Bumble in Oliver. He has been on the national tour of Oliver and recently played Mingo in the 75th Anniversary tour of Porgy and Bess. This guy is a PRO!

Last night, as an experiment, I grabbed my new little camera that I used in Seattle to see if it would work out in a theater with variable lighting and also to test the sound with the mic I was using in Seattle. I'm still figuring it out but not too bad.

Watch Chaz in the opening number – "A Comedy Tonight" - and just try to stay away.

Direct you tube link:

You likee? You can make reservations at the RTC web site:

Or contact me and I'll get you tickets. We have a crew going this Friday. Join us.

Some of this stuff is Broadway quality.
Only $20 ($15 for seniors) and free parking.
At the Post Theater in Fort Tilden right over the Gil Hodges bridge.

The RTC is very influenced by current and retired NYC teachers. The Board of Directors has at least 4, many direct and act in the shows (one of the young actresses in this show teaches 6th grade at a Brooklyn elementary school) and some of their former students who were in their shows in school have been in RTC shows. By the way, most of the band are teachers, many at Forest Hills HS.

One of the wonderful things they have done is mixed all ages into a souffle that works incredibly well. Teens who started out with the RTC and are now in their 20's are still around and hang with the people who are - ahem - almost approaching my age. If you watched the video you can see the mix. Most of these people are regulars.

And oh yes, they want me to audition for the Murray the Cop role in The Odd Couple in December. If I do and get the part it would be my first time in a play. Oy! The heartburn is starting already - maybe something Murray might say?

Frank Caiati is another young actor who does wonders on stage. He is teaching another acting course at the RTC starting Sunday Aug. 1 (10-11:30) through Sept. 26. I've taken 3 classes with Frank so far and they have all been wonderful. Frank is around 23 years old, a grad of Kings Borough HS and Brooklyn College and always lights up the stage. If you want to dabble in acting and also have a great time, come on down (fee is $150.)


  1. Norm,

    Might go next week. Nice post. But, wouldn't you make a better Oscar (and I mean that as a compliment). Murray was a little dorky and didn't have a strong personality if I remember correctly.

  2. I must be dorky - they want me for Murray because they think it is type casting. They say I'm perfect for the role. The RTC is so loaded with talent of all ages it is intimidating.
    They have a guy in the show only through next week who is going on the road with Fiddler in a few months. His credits are awesome.

  3. Let me know. I'll come out and see it for sure.

  4. I might go to this. I'll let you know if I am going to be able to make it.


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