Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Whoopdeedo from Jersey and Washington State Parents Celebrate Losing Race To The Top

This text just came in from Leonie Haimson (not the picture.)

See below from NJ; but substitute NY and it expresses my sentiments exactly.  Meanwhile, check out WA parents who are celebrating their state losing the race: 

Washington State Remains Free from “Race to the Top” Extortion at http://seattleducation2010.wordpress.com/2010/07/27/washington-state-remains-free-from-race-to-the-top-extortion/

And more on why teacher evaluation linked to test scores is a random roll of the dice. Teachers will lose out and ultimately the kids will as well at



So NJ got into the next round of Race To The Top. Gee, swell.

Let's think about all the great stuff that's coming so that we "put the kids first":

- Merit pay. Hasn't worked yet, but full speed ahead!

- Charter schools. Weak to no gains so far, but full speed ahead!

- Teacher evaluations and dismissals based on standardized tests. Error rates of 25%-35%, but full speed ahead!

- Institutionalizing the testing culture of schools. Big problems looming with cheating as the stakes in these tests get higher - really big problems - but full speed ahead!

- Rewarding states for their commitment to educational reform. So far, some of the worst states have been rewarded, but full speed ahead!

Some race...

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