Thursday, July 15, 2010

The UFT/DOE Agreement on School Closings

People have been asking for commentary on the agreement between the UFT and DOE yesterday on the closing schools. I was at the Gotham Schools office yesterday providing background on the AFT convention when I heard. I'll get to it later, but from what I know of the UFT and how it functions, people are screwed over the long run. I can't think of one agreement they have made over the last 10 years where people aren't screwed- of course the Unity flacks will talk about money. Which is exactly the point. The UFT sells people off for money. People are always willing to take the money because they don't see the long-term consequences, especially when the union uses a total full court press to convince them while the voices opposed are drowned out even if they eventually prove to be right.

People are horrified at what has been allowed to happen to the public education system. No matter how bad in the past, the current deforms have cut a path of destruction. What horrifies people even more is how much the UFT/AFT has cooperated when they could have led the forces of resistance.

I'll have more from James Eterno later.

Commentary from
NYC Educator: UFT Listens to Gates, Gives Up

Gotham links:
The city and union agreed to a plan for housing new schools. (GothamSchools, Daily News, NY1, Times)

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