Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jean Shepherd

My wife called me this morning from her car to tell me NPR was running a repeat of the Harry Shearer ten year old tribute to Jean Shepherd. As teenagers growing up in the East NY section of Brooklyn, my friends and I went to sleep with the transistor radio under the covers listening to Jean Shepherd spin tales of his childhood and early adulthood. If you saw Christmas Story, one of the funniest movies ever, that is Shepherd's work – Ralphie was the Shepherd protagonist.

Today they had the first hour (next Sunday at 7am will be part 2). The show ended with a great story where they took Shepherd's entire corps of expert coders and put them in a beginners course - in coding. They all played dumb and became the worst students ever. If you've dealt with the BloomKlein DOE you will see familiar patterns. Think of some idiot professional development telling you stuff you know. Maybe Shepherd and his buddies are models. Just play dumb. Duh- Does "differentiated instruction" refer to those instruction manuals in 4 languages?

Take a look through the archives to see if you can find the show and also look on the net for some of Shepherd's broadcasts.

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