Friday, July 9, 2010

Still Sleepy in Seattle

Before heading back to the convention floor here is a brief summary of this morning's events.

Randi was running her first AFT convention - she was elected 2 years ago but the incumbent ran it - so this was a UFT Delegate Assembly on steroids. Imagine instead of listening to Randi for an hour and a half you has to sit there for 3 days. Oy!

Just as I got in Randi started dancing. Aw shucks, Randi, I didn't know you felt that way. But it turned out the AFT has added more members to be sold out. Watch the video see if you can spot some old Unity friends.

Then it was off to Wild Ginger restaurant to protest Arne Duncan's lunch with Senator Patti Murray and others. We had a rousing crew and I got some footage but unfortunately my mic failed and I lost most of the sound. So I won't bother to put any of it up. Mic is fixed for the AFT P&J meeting this afternoon where I am supposed to speak about conditions in NY for 5 minutes. It should only take 30 seconds.

Randi showed a video supposedly about how the affilates were fighting back (smart of course) around the nation. But of course it was all about Randi. Randi goes to California. Randi goes to Florida. Randi goes to Detroit (where the next AFT convention will take place in 2 years - can't wait to see how many Unity slugs want to opt out of that gig.) Remember how many pics of Randi in the NY Teacher? This was new age video with her all over 3 screens. Oh, yes, the local unions had a few shots of them. Then every local in the video got up to thank Randi.

Missing? Washington DC where Randi cancelled the union election and Chicago. Behind the scenes Randi is doing what she does best - trying to woo a potential opposition group with political offers - this is playing out right now in the floor so I have to get over there.

I'll have more in this space later on some observations.

The Bill Gates leaflet is finished. Shortened and sweetened by Sharon Higgins. Thanks for input to Susan Ohanian, Leonie Haimson, Diane Ravitch's wonderful quotes, Lisa North, Gloria Brandman, NYC Educator, Gandi, and Homer.

Bill Gates: Vulture Philanthropist


  1. After watching this, I am just so nostalgic for those old DAs.


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