Monday, July 19, 2010

Conflicts of Interest Galore at Tweed - Duffy Leaves to go to Victory Charters and Cami Anderson to Run Charters While Still at DOE

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Has Klein passed another lemon?

Garth Harries, Christopher Cerf, and now— Duffy
(Thanks to MM - Magnificent Mona for the heads up.)

The NYCDOE might as well declare itself a hiring hall for top executives using their positions to better themselves at the expense of public school community. We just learned that DOE Charter school chief Michael Duffy is leaving to go to Victory Schools charter management organization, which manages to skim a tidy sum off the top of the schools they manage.

There are lots of comments floating around about what a loss Duffy will be to Klein. I have not had enough personal contact other than some friendly greetings at meetings, insiders have not been impressed. Another case of Klein's passing the lemon?

See Wall St. Journal article on Duffy going to Victory which includes an analysis of the current for profit category and how it may now figure out how to scam the public by switching to non-profit.


Alternative high schools district supt. Cami Anderson gets a pass from the conflicted interest board. Leonie said:

The city’s Conflict of Interest board approves DOE’s Cami Anderson to run a chain of charter schools; big surprise since they go along with anything the mayor and/or the city agencies want. It is a shame when this is how low the people running our public schools have sunk.

Here is Yoav Gonen's article in the NY Post. Even Yoav seems shocked.

City ed. big OK'd for schools role

7:37 AM, July 19, 2010

The city's Conflicts of Interest Board is letting a district superintendent play a pivotal role in opening three charter schools that would serve the same group of students she oversees.

Alternative High Schools District leader Cami Anderson got permission not only to help open and advocate for the alternative charters but also to raise money and recruit board members -- all on city time.

That's despite concerns about an education official's having a stake in schools that fall outside her district's purview and that might compete for students. If approved, two charters would open in The Bronx and one in Brooklyn in 2011.


  1. Wait. This is OK but if I paid the school custodian the going rate to paint my kitchen I can lose my job?

  2. Hi Norm: Thought I would let you know that Randi Weingarten's executive council decided to hold an investigation into why the WTU President, George Parker won't hold our union elections of officers which was required in mid May 2010. They are also looking into why WTU President George Parker won't sign the continued approval for Saunders leave of absence and the reduction of Saunders pay to zero by President Parker.

    Speaking of conflicts of interests, I think this is one given that these VP's on Randi's executive council will come up with recommendations to Randi's liking. The madness never ends in the AFT. You warned me and you were so right. ;--)

    Candi in DC
    The Washington Teacher blogger

  3. I read today that Microsoft will provide "free" email services to teachers,parents this coming school year.

    Is Gates donating this completely free, or is his company making profits from this deal?

  4. Gates has enough money. He wants to control your thoughts. Imagine being able to use complete email access to the entire ed community for propaganda messages!

  5. Indeed a Trojan Horse - see our AFT convention leaflet on Gates.


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