Sunday, July 4, 2010

Girls Prep Principal/CEO Miriam Lewis Raccah resigns

A letter dated June 30 was sent to all Girls Prep parents informing them that Miriam, Founder of Girls Prep and CEO of PublicPrep has resigned. Cristina Garcia-Coleman, the Managing Director of Finance and Operations will serve as the Interim CEO while the board conducts a search for a new CEO.

Interesting news in the light of the request to SUNY for charter modification. Girls Prep and PAVE are controlled by the same forces. Spencer Robertson's wife is on the GP board.

For background check this post at Norms Notes:

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In the 7/31/09 renewal application to SUNY the cover sheets lists a management co ( CMO) at it is: PublicPrep ( contact- MLR (Miriam)
on p. it explains that founding principal Nakia Haskins left in the middle of the 2006-07 school year and that MLK was acting Principal.

p. 11 explains how in 2008 the founders of GP established a CMO to oversee the growth of a network of schools 9 GP LES, their "first replication ES", GP Bronx and the proposed MS extension.

PPN will be governed by its own Bd of trustees, led by CEO MLR who will provide extensive support/oversight.

During the next charter MLR will transition form former position as Exec Dir to become CEO of PP.

No changes to 2004 By Laws

PP incorporated in 2008 .. will officially launch in 2009 w/ opening of GP Bronx and proposed MS at GP LES, creating the first complete PP K-8th academy.

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  1. The headline on this article is misleading. Miriam Raccah was the CEO of Public Prep, not the principal of Girls Prep. Each Girls Prep school has its own principal.


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