Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Give the Gift of MORE this Holiday Season

And there are raffle tickets too. Email more@morecaucusnyc.org for details.

Give the Gift of MORE  this Holiday Season!

What should you put in the Secret Santa Box?
Not sure what to get your school secretary for the holidays..... 

How can you support MORE and gift your friends at the same ?

Buy your friends and school colleagues a MORE membership

After making your PayPal payment on-line at: http://morecaucusnyc.org please MAKE SURE to click the “RETURN TO MOVEMENT OF RANK AND FILE EDUCATORS”  button and fill-out the on-line form so we can get your friend's contact information.
Or download the Membership Form and mail with a check made out to:
Movement of Rank and File Educators, 305 E. 140th St. #5A, New York, NY 10454
Then send us an email and we’ll send an eGift Card to the recipient letting them know about your present.

Gift  MORE so you can g
et MORE from your UNION!

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