Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MORE Says: Raise your voice on the evaluation issue! Bring petition and copies of the resolution to the DA

Approaching a thousand sigs and a number of school chapters have passed resos in support. MORE will attempt to place a resolution -- see below -- in front of the DA tomorrow. Last time the meeting ended ---cough, cough -- before the opportunity came up. The Unity leadership does not want this reso to see the light of day. I will be there holding up the above sign and with petitions for you to take back to your school. Let's get the numbers into the thousands by the January deadline. We know that this is a contract change and legally should be voted on but what does legal mean in the UFT?

Here is the post from the MORE web site:
{LET ME ADD Reality-Based Educator]:

Sign The Petition Demanding A Membership-Wide Referendum On The Evaluation Agreement

Facing an arbitrary 12/21/12 deadline imposed by Chancellor Walcott, a growing wave of bloggers have begun speaking out against any teacher evaluation scheme that harms teachers and ignores our voices in coming to an agreement. There is increasing concern that Unity will succumb to pressure and agree to a system without coming to terms on a new contract. MORE’s position is that there needs to be a membership-wide referendum before any such agreement is reached. Read what education experts and your peers have been saying online. If you agree, sign the petition athttp://morecaucusnyc.org/sign-the-petition/.
  • Blogger Chaz urges the UFT not to agree to any evaluation system without a new contract that gives teachers the same 8% raise given to other unions.
If you agree, sign the petition online and join the growing wave of opposition to an evaluation system that devalues teachers!
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  1. I sent a a copy of the petition with signatures to MORE. I believe that even if there is not a brand new contract created, that the rank and file should vote to agree or disagree to any new evaluation that may be added as an amendment to the current contract. The fact is that there is a good chance that the UFT may agree to a new evaluation system via a contract amendment and not seek a full blown new contract. (Especially since Bloomie will want even more givebacks from the UFT and will never provide a raise) This very real scenario must be faced and that a new evaluation via amendment is a distinct reality and the rank and file MUST HAVE a chance to agree or disagree to any new evaluation amendment to our current contract. Good luck to all at the Wednesday meeting!!!


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