Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Will Unity, Seeking More Favorable Time, Use Sandy as Excuse to Postpone UFT Elections?

Indications are that the UFT leadership may postpone UFT elections until later in the spring, which they appear to be allowed to do under the UFT constitution. In the past, by this time an election committee would have been formed and ratified by the DA today. If that happens the timetable might still work. But given that the ballots would go out just a week after people are spending the mid-winter break working 3 days and a relatively short time after the UFT agrees to some sort of evaluation deal, the usual election timetable -- a 3 week March balloting -- is not favorable to Unity.

By kicking the election further down the road that would give them time to send out the hordes into the schools to sell whatever deal they made, knowing full well the full impact will not hit until the 2013-14 school year. Of course if they can figure a way to sell off some more rights in exchange for some money in some kind of contract, that would sweeten the pot for getting people to overlook whatever they do. And I bet if Bloomberg can get a hook into eliminating ATRs he would pay.

Hey, how about ballots going out June 1, returnable by June 29? Would you put anything past Unity?

Well, we'll know more soon, so hang on for the ride.


  1. The thought is insane. How did things get this bad? I've never heard of an election post-poned. has it ever happened?

  2. I think postponing the election could actually be a good thing: It will give everybody a longer time to stew on anger over Mulgrew and to spread the word about MORE. If a new, crappy, evaluation system gets signed in a secret, back room deal, you can bet folks are going to call it MULGREW'S CONTRACT and will be sure to not vote for him in the upcoming election. I truly think that the stakes are so huge that even the newest of newbie teachers and the jadest of jaded veteran teachers are gonna want payback from what might be throw at them this time around. (Especially if we don't have a vote in any new evaluation deal)

  3. Hmmm - I know a good number of teachers who I have informed personally about this new evaluation. It's not a lot I admit perhaps 25 - 30 but it's something. I know others in other schools are doing the same. Slowly the word is getting out - yes, it's slow getting out but it is getting out there. Could there be any chance that UNITY also sees and senses this or might they look at it as a non issue or non threat to their respective caucus. Might the slow but ever growing build up cause them to re think possibly going ahead with an eval deal thus eventually stopping any momentum against them and coming out as the group that stands up to the BS that to borrow another poster's quote from another blog would be the equivalent of using a rectal thermometer to guage the speed of your car - he of course is referring to VAM. Looking forward to any responses.

  4. Mulgrew gave indications at DA there probably won't be a deal by mid-Jan. That would make him a temp hero. Note that Randi admitted VAM is junk science - so how do they sell even 20% junk science as meaningful eval?
    Today at DA Leroy Barr spoke against even discussion our reso claiming a DA vote on eval was enough -- member only vote on contract.
    Well, hello Leroy, any eval deal IS a CONTRACT Change.
    Maybe election pressure has impact. Chicago may make them nervous. MORE has to present a creditable threat before they get worried. A key test will be how many schools MORE can reach with active people. Commit to covering a bunch of schools near your school and or home.
    As for election being postponed - that may only be a few months as the constitution does call for one every 3 years. In past at the first DA of the New Year the petitioning would be rolling. But since there is no election committee yet that seems impossible. First it has to go through the Ex Bd. They still have time to get a meeting done before Xmas but it is awful tight.
    Frankly, I don't care one way or another. As long as I get to Florida this winter --

    1. Anything specific about Mulgrew's comments pertaining to his "indications at DA there probably won't be a deal by mid-Jan." Would really appreciate it since the delegates at my school do not attend these meetings. Waiting for James Eterno's report via his blog. Again, greatly appreciated.

    2. He seemed pretty afirmative that there would be no deal. Eterno after the meeting also said he thought Mulgrew was pretty strong on it. But I was in the hall and it was hard to hear. (They changed the rules to keep people like the likes of me out.)

    3. Thank you Ed!

      Large Queens High School

  5. "he seemed pretty affirmative" .......lying liars lie and lie.

  6. He seemed pretty affirmative" Did I hear a note of Hope...........? remember when dealing with Unity Hacks hope is never a stategy, handshakes and their WORD mean zilch. Actions, actions actions ONLY!

  7. What happened in regard to the resolution allowing the rank and file to have a vote on ANY aspect of a new evaluation? I thought that MORE were going to bring in the petitions and call for a resolution to have the rank and file vote and have input on any new evaluation deal hashed out between the DOE/UFT? I don't really care if Mulgrew is looking like a hero just because the January deadline will pass without a new evaluation. (Even thought it will be cool to see Bloomie had a hissy fit) If Mulgrew is just kicking the can down the road and accepts a crappy, new evaluation in the spring or summer via a secret, back room deal, his hero status will be squashed instantly. He might just be kicking the can down the road until after the UFT elections and then he can make a deal with the devil over the evaluations in secret. Please update us on what the status of the resolution is. Thanks!!!


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