Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Parents Opposed to Citizens of the World Charter: Hundreds, Parents in Favor: 4

The NY State Dept. would allow the Hitler Youth Charter to breeze through and not only would they authorize the Ku Klux Klan Charter School for Racial Harmony but they would wash the sheets.  -- Norm at charter hearing

I actually made it to the Hearing on the proposed co-location of Citizens of the World Charter School in JHS 126 tonight and it was great seeing so many old pals from District 14 where I spent my entire career. Citizens of the World charter is the brainless child of Eric Grannis, Eva Moskowitz husband in their attempt to take over the lucrative vigorish in the gentrified areas of Brooklyn. I've been to so many of these hearings -- this one by the useless -- actually, harmful, State Ed Department charter authorizing agent which lost its beard with the departure of Pedro Noguera could no longer defend their actions in authorizing anything. As I pointed out in my speech -- I was the final speaker -- they would allow the Hitler Youth Charter to breeze through and not only would they authorize the Ku Klux Klan Charter School for Racial Harmony but they would wash the sheets.

Video of some very good speeches is being processed, though the sound system will drown out a lot of it. I just loved the complaints of Believe Charter which co-locates IS 126 after invading 3 years ago with such arrogance but now is feeling the heat from the Moskowitz clan. They may feel they have time but they will get eaten by the bigger charter chains too. If they don't get closed by the DOE first. As I pointed out, what is being sold as choice eventually turns into no choice. But in this case we may be seeing that the Eva hold over WalBloom may influence what schools get closed. With Williamsburg being inundated with charters, close down Believe (which not only should be closed but never should have opened with its crooked leader stealing everyone blind.) You know, it is funny hearing so many people for so many years opposing co-locations but pleading that they are not against charters. Tonight councilman Steven Levin actually called for a moratorium on charters. But wait for the video tape if it comes out.

There were the usual charter chain suspects who all look like clones, with the obligatory pushy parent leading the way -- a white woman clearly who exhibits all the symptoms of being on the payroll or expect to get her kids into what she thinks is a private like school and not have to pay tuition. And then a couple of ladies who seemed earnest but programmed.

One point: the area around IS 126 always has been mostly white -- it is Greenpoint, but that demographic has shifted from conservative Polish/Italian to liberal gentrified and many of these white people, fierce supporters of local public schools and very anti-charter,  have led the fight against Moskowitz and Grannis.

Here are some more pictures with video to follow in a day or two.

Diane Reyna

The face of the crooks from SUNY

CEC14 Stirling leader Tesa Wilson

The face of Citizens of the World future parent - sends kids to private school now -- why not feed off public charter trough?

2 faces of Citizens of World -- Was Eric afraid to show?

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