Saturday, December 15, 2012

Chicago Teachers Say: Tell the Fat Cats: Get Your Paws Off Our Public Schools

Could you see the UFT putting on an event like this when they themselves are fat cats?

Chicago Teachers Union
Defending Our Schools

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Tell the Fat Cats:
Get Your Paws Off
Our Public Schools

Rowdy Rauner and the Litterbox Crew caricatures from the Stand Up to the Fat Cats video. Names: Rowdy Rauner, the Rahminator, Bill the Fence, Penny Pincher, Kochta Brothers, Stan Onchildren, Robbing Stains, The CEO, Broady Bucks, and DEFR.
Dec. 18
4 pm – 6 pm
125 S. Clark
Brief March
& Action
here to
Rich people always seem to think they know best. When it comes to our schools, all their brilliant ideas have only made things worse. Rahm listens to them about the future of our schools, but parents, teachers and students are shut out.
The Fat Cats say schools are “underutilized” and should be closed, but they push at the same time to open new charter schools that they control. They cut from students and teachers to save money, but their companies are still taking tax breaks, contracts, and TIFs that broke the budget to begin with. Stand up: Tell them to keep their paws off our schools!

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