Sunday, December 30, 2012

PEP Hearing, 12/20/2012 by SOSfromEVA (Save our Students from Eva Moskowitz)

The Eva/Success scam exposed. Watch resources in the Success network flow to the rich white kids whose parents want to use public funds instead of paying for private school. Really, a brilliant business model to drain funding from public schools and remove those pesky kids of color from neighborhoods where they are not wanted. One day the parents in Harlem will see that very clearly.

Great work by Thomas Hasler, chapter leaders of Intl HS on the Irving campus in shooting and editing. He has been one of the leading lights in the struggle against Eva's invasion of Washington Irving -- a foothold in tony Grammercy Park, which indicates that the poor kids are no longer on the table for Success Charter.

PEP Hearing, 12/20/2012 by SOSfromEVA (Save our Students from Eva Moskowitz) from SOSfromEVA on Vimeo.

The NYC Department of Education's PEP decided to ignore the public input and opinion of all the affected communities, teachers, principals and students. They approved ALL proposals and hand Eva Moskowitz's Success Academy Charter School Corporation numerous public school spaces so she can operate her schools inside our public schools.

When Chancellor Walcott says that he is for "CHOICE" he means that he wants to open more charter schools.

We ask why they don't support our public schools, so nobody needs that "choice"?

"SOSfromEva" is a movement to highlight the attack on public schools spearheaded by Success Academy Charter Schools as well as by other Charter School operators.

SOSfromEva can be contacted at

Candidates for Public Advocates Take a Stand Against Eva

Noah Gotbaum

Tish James full 8 minute rousing speech:

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  1. This video brought back all the charged emotion of the evening. What do we do next? What CAN we do next? it's WRONG that Eva gets whatever she wants at the expense of the public school children in NYC.


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