Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chicago Teachers Stand Up to Fat Cat Ed Deformers

I know, I know. You wish the UFT, with 10 times the resources of the CTU would do this, but when you yourself are a fat cat..........But this is why the CTU is so much more dangerous to the powers that be than the pussy cat (I'm being nice) UFT/AFT bar exam promoters.

When we were in Chicago in July 2011-- Julie, Gloria, Angel, Lisa and a slew of others --- at meetings with CORE and others from around the nation -- CORE led us all on a march through downtown Chicago visiting all the banks that were stealing money out of the public schools, something incomprehensible here in NYC, given that our leaders are probably having lunch at many of these banks.

Chicago Teachers Union Launches Public Awareness Campaign
Against Corporate Assault on Public Education
‘Stand Up to the Fat Cats’ film continues the fight for city-wide education equality
CHICAGO—The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) kicked off a public education campaign against the rise school privatization schemes and the corporate assault on public education with the release of an animated, satirical short film, Stand Up to the Fat Cats. The video seeks to rally the public against corporate infiltration in public education and encourage them to join the fight to provide resources and support for neighborhood schools.
The five-minute film can be viewed at www.ctunet.com or on www.MoveChicagoSchoolsForward.com.  (To view click here: Stand Up To The Fat Cats)
Stand Up to Fat Cats places a spotlight on the history of corporate school reform in Chicago and proposed 20thcentury advancements that ultimately led to the deterioration of many of the city’s neighborhood schools.  The film also introduces us to parodies of popular faces in Chicago’s education debate, including venture capitalist Bruce Rauner, Mayor Rahm Emanuel,  Board of Education member Penny Pritzker, venture philanthropist Bill Gates, the Broad Foundation, the Koch Brothers and,  out-of-town school reformers such as Stand For Children and Democrats for Education Reform. 
From the formation of the CTU in the mid-20th century to its present-day battles with lawmakers and charter school operators, wealthy, private-interest fat cats have had their paws in public education for years.  After a dominant new feline landed in City Hall in 2011, bringing in a litter of corporate cronies, the CTU went on a year-long offensive in a cat-and-mouse battle against anti-teacher propaganda.
Through, Stand Up to the Fat Cats, viewers can revisit how Chicago’s educators stood up to these frisky and felonious kitties once again during the 2012 strike, rallying throughout the city against the closing of public schools, the endangerment of their livelihoods and the jeopardizing of the future of thousands of the children.  As the bed time story depicted in the video goes: Rowdy Rauner and the Litter Box Crew are out to destroy the teachers union and starve neighborhood schools in a sneaky campaign to fatten the pockets of private charter operators and their billionaire friends.
As the Chicago Public Schools system is expected to announce by March 31, 2013, the closing of nearly 150 neighborhood schools, the mission of the Stand Up to the Fat Cats campaign is clear: Don’t let fat cats bully students or educators anymore!  

Sample Tweets:

Chicago Teachers Stand Up to Corporate Fat Cats! #EDUJustice http://ow.ly/g0A1D
Chicago Teachers Say No to Rahm Emanuel's Fat Cat Friends! 
#EDUJustice http://ow.ly/g0A1D
A Bedtime story from Chicago Teachers Union @ctulocal1 #EDUJustice 

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