Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hearing on the proposed co-location of Citizens of the World Charter School in JHS 126

I'm trying to make this tonight to tape. This is Eva's husband's school.

Below is a good report on the Gates charter scam from Leonie.

Hearing on the proposed co-location of Citizens of the World Charter School in JHS 126

Wednesday, December 5, 2012  6pm - 8pm (5:30 to sign up to speak) 
JHS 126 • 424 Leonard Street• (across from McCarren Park pool)

Join US Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, NY State Assemblyman Joe Lentol, NY City Council Member Stephen Levin, NY City Council Member Diana Reyna, NY State Senator Martin Dilan, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, Community Board 1, and the District 14 Community Education Council in saying NO to the co-location of Citizens of the World Charter School in District 14!

Citizens of the World Charter School plans a large elementary charter school with enrollment targets of 55% white families.  Citizens of the World intends to open their charter elementary school in the building currently used by JHS 126 and the Believe Northside Charter High School.

Our school district has no need for more elementary schools! All of our elementary schools are under-enrolled. We have 8 magnet schools offering our families a variety of options, and 7 elementary charter schools, far more than the City average. We DO NOT NEED another elementary charter school!

Our District needs Middle Schools! JHS 126 is finally under excellent leadership and deserves a chance to grow in its current location. This school deserves the support of the community and the Department of Education, not to be forced to share its space and resources with another privately-run charter school!

This is bad planning for our school District, yet under Mayoral Control laws, the community has no real input into the decision-making process. 

Let the Department of Education know our community will not allow a privately-run charter school from Los Angeles take precious space away from our students, and enrollment away from our District neighborhood schools!

Our school buildings are a precious community resource, not free real estate for privately run charter schools! 
Please stand up and let your voice be heard- 

Wed, Dec 5  6pm - 8pm (5:30 to speak) 
JHS 126 • 424 Leonard Street• (across from McCarren Park pool)

note: even if you can only attend for an hour, please come to this hearing - children are welcome!

From NYC Parents blog

Charter school expansion in NYC: common ground or battleground?

Past ads for Eva's charters ((DNAinfo)

According to today's New York Times, the Gates Foundation is giving $25 million to seven cities, including NYC, to encourage charter-district “collaboration.” The Gates spokesperson claims, “It’s pretty clear there is more common ground than battleground.”  Of course, the pro-charter, pro-privatization Gates people would like to convince NY Times readers and the public at large that this is true.

Unfortunately, the Times reporter did not feature any quotes from New York City parents or advocates who might have a different perspective.  

From today’s Daily News, the relationship seems like a battleground still; though one in which the charter schools get preferential treatment from their patron, DOE.  Eva Moskowitz demands science labs for all her Success Academy charter elementary school kids; but  at-risk HS students will lose their science lab as well as their gym in the Brandeis HS building because she wants to expand her school into their territory. As a result,  students from the Diploma Plus High School are being pushed out into a leased building in Washington Heights without these facilities.

Truly, the situation in NYC is like a “Middle East war” as Eva herself put it years ago, saying "Dividing land ain't pretty”.  Especially when like Eva, you have unlimited resources, political pull, and ruthless expansionism in your sights.

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