Monday, December 17, 2012

Why I Joined Unity Caucus

I gotta be on the side that's going to get me out of this lousy teaching position.... A new chapter leader who recently was recruited to Unity Caucus.
This same person would not support the MORE petition calling for a membership vote on any evaluation deal.

Who does this person now represent?

The people who elected this person or the Unity Caucus masters who hold out the carrot of a possible job in exchange for selling out colleagues?

At the DA last Wednesday, a MORE member was sitting with a group of chapter leaders from one district who were talking about how the MORE resolution made sense. The District Rep turned around and yelled at them that they must vote against it. (That is why the get the chapter leaders from each district to sit toether). About half did.

At a District chapter leader meeting a few days later the District Rep was asked for more info about the MORE reso and the response was, "That's a dissident group. Ignore them."

Here is the raw stuff that shows how Unity controls the teachers.

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  1. That DR isn't a "slug" or a "hack" or a "wannabe". But he isn't a "leader", either. That guy, like the one who(I'm pretty sure) shadowed me for the entire time I stayed at last week's meeting, is a "thug". Every union leadership group has them. Unity is no different.


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