Sunday, December 2, 2012

Change the Stakes Invites You to a Conversation with Bill Ayers, Tues. Dec. 4, 5:30

I love pal'n around with Bill Ayers. Over the past few years seeing him at NYCORE events has impressed me.

There was a time when I was not a fan not because of his politics but because I heard from George Schmidt he supported some of the early tenets of ed deform (who knows, maybe because of his politics). But so did Ravitch, et al and we don't hold political grudges. You know how much I respect George's opinion and given the success of the Chicago Teachers Union with pretty much all progressive forces uniting behind them, there is a good sense of unity all around. So I am really hoping to get out of my Sandy shell and make it to this event.

Now given this Ayers' open letter to Obama, I'm concerned about how Sarah Pallin will handle this obvious break.

Please join us and share with those who would likely be interested.

In An Open Letter to President Obama, Bill Ayers writes,

“Education is a fundamental human right, not a product. In a free society education is based on a common faith in the incalculable value of every human being; it’s constructed on the principle that the fullest development of all is the condition for the full development of each, and, conversely, that the fullest development of each is the condition for the full development of all. Further, while schooling in every totalitarian society on earth foregrounds obedience and conformity, education in a democracy emphasizes initiative, courage, imagination, and entrepreneurship in order to encourage students to develop minds of their own. “

On Tuesday, December 4, join educational theorist, Bill Ayers, for an informal conversation about the current state of education in America, and how advocates, activists, concerned parents, teachers, students and citizens can respond.  How can those affected by the current policies and the Ed Reform agenda push back and save public education?  How can those on the receiving end of such policies organize and come together as a united force?   What is happening in other cities, like Chicago, that can be an inspiration to others?  What is a vision and a pedagogically sound alternative that will lead to a just society?  

Change the Stakes invites you to join Bill Ayers as he shares his knowledge and experience.  We look forward to discussing and creating ways to change the course of education as he has requested of President Obama.  What will these next four years look like for education and how can we help influence them?  

Tuesday, December 4 from 5.30-7.30
The Performance Studies studio @ NYU*
721 Broadway, 6th floor

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