Friday, December 14, 2012

Find out what all the excitement is about: MORE General Meeting, Saturday, Dec. 15

December 15th,
224 w 29th St.
betw 7/8ave
14th floor
We will focus on fight back against school closings and charter colocations and projecting our caucus as THE social justice caucus of the UFT, as well as approving parts of our platform and slate for the spring elections.

Join us!

Read more about the threatened closings of neighborhood schools and Gary Rubinstein's analysis of the meaningless of school progress reports.

Read how the Unity caucus voted against democracy at Wednesday's DA, rejecting a proposal to allow members to approve the impending test-based evaluation system..
You can still sign the petition calling for a democratic vote on the deal.


 Winter Retreat - En pie de la lucha

Building strong chapters, Building a strong union:
a bottom-up social-justice approach 

Friday, Dec. 28th
180 LaSalle

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