Monday, August 19, 2013

MORE Weekly Update: Come to our summer series on building an active UFT chapter in your school

... come to our Summer Series event on August 22nd at Local 138,
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Weekly Update #64
August 23, 2013
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Sat, 8/24 

High Stake Testing Committee
Next Meeting with Change The Stakes
Fri, 8/27, Follw link for info

Steering Committee
Thurs,  8/22, 2pm
Berkli Cafe, 63 Delancey St.
Meeting minutes here

Contract Committee

Newsletter Committee

Chapter Organizing Committee
See box below for CL Happy Hours
Meeting minutes here

Media Committee

3rd Saturday - Noon to 3pm
Sep 21 (Evaluations)
Oct 19 & Nov 16

Locations & other topics TBA -
reply if you have suggestions

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MORE Needs help with folks who can work in the following roles: 

Organizing Campaign Against Test-Based Evaluations, Treasurer, Social Committee, Fundraising

Please reply if you are interested in helping out

The First Days of School: How To Build an Active Chapter

Organizing and mobilizing your school to fight back against abusive administrators and profit driven reform

Thursday August 22nd, 4pm - 7pm
Local 138 Bar - 138 Ludlow St. betw. Stanton/Rivington

The first days of school are a busy time for teachers. In addition to setting up our classrooms and preparing lessons for incoming students, we are typically inundated with mandates and requests from administration. Join the Movement of Rank and File Educators for a discussion and training session for all teachers (not just chapter leaders and delegates) on the First Days of School, and how we can get off on the right foot educating, organizing, and mobilizing our coworkers.

Topics include:
  • Nuts and bolts of chapter building and contract enforcement
  • Overcoming apathy and difficult supervisors
  • Dealing with the new evaluation system (see James Eterno's excellent analysis)
NY Testpocalypse?
Read cricitical analysis of the Common Core test disaster from:
Ravitch: UFT: Call Arthur Goldstein, Classroom Teacher
Vilson: Stop & Frisk these Test Scores
Winerip: Principal Speaks Out
Raging Horse: Why Does John King Still Have a Job?
The MORE contingent at the Social Justice Union conference hosted by CTU's Caucus of Rank and File Educators.

Read more at by Julie Cavanagh and Mike Schirtzer, and at



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