Monday, August 5, 2013

MORE Update 63: How Do We Fight For a New Contract? Summer Series Thursday 4PM

Movement of Rank & File Educators

Weekly Update #63 - August 4, 2013


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Thursday, August 8:

How Do We Fight for a New Contract?

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4-7 PM
Local 138 
138 Ludlow St
(betw. Rivington & Stanton) 

The UFT leadership’s only fair contract strategy is to influence the Democratic mayoral primary in hopes that the new mayor will feel obliged to the UFT.  However, after the election, the UFT will have no leverage over the Mayor, leaving teachers in a weak position to negotiate.  The lack of real UFT mobilization has given the DOE the green light to violate our contract, increase the number of observations, and use partial observations against teachers.

  • Why union contracts are good for educators and the public
  • Strategies for winning a contract that can protect us from the worst aspects of the new evaluation system
  • How do we protect educators' and students' rights?
  • Supporting teacher professionalism and checking administrative power
BONUS: Watch Chicago teachers sing "(When There's a Contract, Then) Call Us Maybe" during their 2012 contract fight.


August 22: The First Days of School: How to Build an Active Chapter

2013 MORE Summer Series:
 Discuss, Debate, Educate!

Fast Food Worker Strikes Gain Traction
"An injury to one is an injury to all."  Help support striking fast food workers as they fight for $15/hr and the right to unionize.
  • Sign Fast Food Forward's "Can't Survive on $7.25" petition here
  • Watch John Oliver of "The Daily Show" tear into critics
  • Front-page coverage in The New York Times

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Join UFT at March on Washington

The Movement of Rank and File Educators encourages all UFT members, education activists, and all those who are concerned about the future of democracy and justice in this country, to attend the March on Washington, DC on August 24th, 2013. UFT members and their guests can travel for free on UFT-sponsored buses.

UFT members and their guests can register for free rides on UFT-sponsored buses here.

Volunteers needed!

MORE is looking for members to help with website design, proofreading, treasury, fundraising, and planning social events. Please reply if you can help out.

Also, consider attending the meeting of the media committee:
Monday, Aug. 5, 9:30 AM
370 7th Ave @ 31st


If you are changing schools, phone numbers, or addresses, make sure we can stay in touch by updating your information with MORE.

National Student Power Convergence: Madison, WI

This weekend (August 1st-5th), hundreds of student leaders and activists converged in Madison, WI, to discuss strategies for bringing economic and social justice to their respective campuses and communities.  Shout-out to these young labor and social justice activists for fostering solidarity among national/international students and activists.

View the program, and watch footage from last year's conference at The Ohio State University.

99 Pickets Solidarity Meeting: Thursday, August 8

Join 99 Pickets, New York's worker solidarity group, for their new monthly meetings. On the second Thursday of every month, workers and organizers from campaigns around the city will join with activists to learn what's happening and plan actions to support worker struggles.

Thursday, August 8, 6-8pm
310 W. 43 St. (at 8th Ave.) in the basement
RSVP on Facebook

Potluck dinner--if you're so moved, bring a dish, snacks, or dessert!

Childcare available--please RSVP to if you're bringing your children, and indicate their age(s).

Wheelchair accessible. Spanish interpretation available.

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