Friday, August 2, 2013

Video: State Senator Tony Avella Calls for Removal of Jennifer Jones Rogers as PS 29Q Principal

Despite the oncoming rain, a spirited crowd of parents, teachers and supporters turned out to join Tony Avella in calling for the removal of PS 29Q Principal Jennifer Jones Rogers, a Leadership Academy principal who fits the mold of feral grads from that institution.

Here is the video of the press conference. I have some interviews on tape that are not included.

Daily News
Angry teachers and parents are demanding the city fire a College Point principal they claim harasses and humiliates staffers. About two dozen people — including teachers and state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) — rallied outside Public School 29 Thursday to complain that Principal Jennifer Jones-Rogers is so abusive that 25 of 45 teachers have left or been forced out since she took the helm in 2010.
Several parents and teachers in College Point want the city to end what they claim is an elementary school principal’s terror-driven reign. They said Jennifer Jones-Rogers of P.S. 29 has wrongfully placed a handful of students in special education classes without notifying parents. Critics also say the administrator’s “hostile environment” has driven away droves of teachers and has caused parents to pull their kids from the school. “It is a shame that one person can do so much harm,” said parent Linda Briones, who has since transferred her child out of the school....Educators say she has not provided a copy of the school’s budget to the United Federation of Teachers chapter president for the past two years as required.
Queens Courier -- MORE
South Bx School posted. Check out those comments.

Rally and Presser On August 1 For Removal of Jennifer Rogers, Principal at PS 29 in Queens

Jennifer Rogers, probably one of the least qualified people ever to hold the job of principal, is totally

in over her head and unqualified. Her job, which in all probability got do to her connections of her mother, Carolyn Jones (and the Leadership Academy) former principal at PS 23 in District 10 in the Bronx.

But as with being a principal in NYC, one can do anything short of murder and still retain their position. Or just read the comments here.

The students are afraid of her, the parents are afraid of her, the community is afraid of her, and so are the teachers (except the sycophants).


Anonymous said...

I wonder why Rogers' boyfriend UFT District Rep Joe Kessler wasn't on hand to protect and defend her...

Anonymous said...

please note senator, computer lab was dismantled prior to Jennifer's principalship, it was actually dismantled by Jamie Adams previous principal, so please get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

My niece attends this school and she is the sweetest little girl ,I will never forget my niece jumped out of the car because she saw miss jones and she said" miss jones ! Hello good morning" miss jones looked at her and said nothing , how do you do that to a little girl, your the principal, my niece was so upset and asked why would she do that to me ? What did I do? It seems that miss jones is not a good role model, my sister approached her and asked her " didn't you hear my daughter say good morning miss jones? She said " yes I did" and you didn't say good morning back you walked in the building , from that day I knew she was not oing to mesh well, my son is 17 he graduated from ps9 we were the top school in reading and math , now they re the lowest , miss jones you got this job on the coat tales of your mom and boyfriend ,you were never a teacher you should not be a principal, now that your pregnant and having your own child you will understand that if anyone treats your kid the way you treated ours you wouldn't like it , and we will not stand for this. You need to go