Saturday, August 10, 2013

Julie Cavanagh on Social Justice Unionism Prefaces Chicago Conf

Our union leadership continues to function from a “solutions-driven” unionism vision which results in our union leadership negotiating from the starting point of elected officials and corporate reformers rather than beginning with an agenda that is set by us, the folks on the ground, standing with students, families and communities. The only “solutions” that are devolved benefit the few and the powerful and the rest of us are told to accept these “solutions” because, “it could have been worse”.... Julie Cavanagh on social justice unionism
This weekend a bunch of MOREs headed to Chicago to meet up with teacher union members from around the nation to talk turkey about social justice unionism. 

Here is a statement from Julie posted on the MORE blog.

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  1. how about we focus on what we can fix as educators,social justice is a personal thing,i don't need a sermon at a union meeting.


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