Sunday, August 25, 2013

Classy: AFT leader Randi Weingarten cuts off 9-year-old kid at March on Washington event; Updated

I watched C-span last night half asleep after a full day in the Poconos. Asean read a statement. He paused then said something like Oh one more thing. Randi pulled the like out of his hand, patted him on the shoulder and gently turned him away as she started her screaming diatribe. It just made me gasp... Pat D.
Oh, what fun this is turning out to be.
One tweet:
Omar Moore @popcornreel
Kind of ironic that Randi Weingarten, pres. of the Amer. Fed Of Teachers, takes the microphone from Asean Johnson. AJ's only 9. Geez.
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Anonymous said...

Hmmm - she most likely thought she was at DA meeting in Manhattan. See, the thing is, if she actually had any real teaching experience, she would have never have done that. It's instinctual in teachers to never do such a thing when a bright student is making a point. By the way Norm, can you send out some info on how to get a hold of MORE literature so that it may get into mailboxes this September. Be well.

ed notes online said...

MORE lit is coming out in a week or two and I am the delivery boy so send me info on how many copies and what school. And if you can get it into other schools. We need to build a distribution network. We are doing a newsletter 4 times this year with lots of copies for schools.