Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why Leticia James for Public Advocate? Watch this Video

This is nothing more than an attempt to beat the clock to the end of this administration to privatize public schools and bust unions... Tish James at PEP, Dec. 2012.
Leticia James for Public Advocate

This Friday
is the last day that she can take in campaign contributions before the primary.http://www.letitiajames2013.com/
Not many people know of her and her chances of winning are not great but I’ve admired her for some time for her stands on charter schools invading public schools and other issues.
If you are involved in education in any way, as teacher or parent or activist or concerned citizen, Tish James is the way to go. (Besides, chief opponent Daniel Squadron is being shilled by the increasingly sleazy Chuch Shumer. 'Nuff said.)

See her dynamic speech at the December, 2012 Panel for Educational Policy meeting.



reality-based educator said...

I disagree that she is a long shot. She has many of the unions, which matters in a down ballot race like this. She has the most name recognition of all the candidates as well (although it's still pretty low.) Money is a problem, but the union endorsements counter that a bit. Things still have to go right for her, but she has a real chance to be public advocate.

ed notes online said...

Great news if you think that. She would be a great asset in that office.