Friday, August 9, 2013

Ravitch: Shock Doctrine Using Tests Will Spur Opt-out Movement

We are already hearing calls for parents to hit the deformers where it will hurt. Teachers who help will be droned. But strategies for teachers to play a role will emerge. The uft wants the tests and opposes the opt-out movement for fear the NY Post will say they want to avoid accountability. I say screw them all. A union must do what is right. And it should join in full force. But the enablers and hand maidens of ed deform won't rock the new status quo.
I'm on a plane to chicago delayed by a maintenance issue (Jack is behaving so far) so can't pull up the link to Diane's blog but check out the full post. Here is a piece.

"The Shock Doctrine may be a boomerang that helps to bring down the madness of No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, Common Core, the Pearson empire, and every other part of the reformy enterprise.

New York may have inadvertently created by the most powerful recruiting tool for the Opt Out movement."

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  1. Well written post by a parent about opting out:


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