Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jumping All Over Paul Krugman on Common Core

Is it my fault that the other day I challenged Krugman to bring his sensible analysis to education issues (Howler Howls at Krugman and Press Corps)? I compared him so favorably to his  nincompoop NY Times fellow columnists Brooks and Kristof? Ooops! Krugman must have heard me, but his sensibility deserted him.

The blogging crew is out in full force, leaving me nothing much to say - other than a message to Michael Oppenheimer (Leonie's husband) who teaches at Princeton with Krugman: get him straight on what is going on.

Krugman Becomes a Duncan Dittohead - It's pretty suspicious that, on the eve of Diane Ravitch's book release, the dunces are in confederacy against her, and for Common Core. It's particular...

New York Times Editorials Reveal A Complete Ignorance of Common Core - But two days after a sizable anti-Common Core rally in suburban Port Jefferson, Long Island, the venerable New York Times saw fit to publish not one but tw...
Via the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association site, here are some great photos from Saturday's rally at Comsewogue High School against the Common Core testing regime:  

Perdido: Education Reformers Are Trying To Smear Common Core Critics As Know-Nothings And Cretins Former NY Times editor and current columnist Bill Keller attacked opponents to th

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