Friday, August 30, 2013

Why Scott Stringer? Patrick Sullivan on the PEP and Beat Evil Eva Mosowitz

It was not small feat for Scott Stringer to give us the gift of Patrick Sullivan on the PEP, the lone consistent voice of the people over the years challenging the Tweedies time and again, at times on the verge of a fist fight, at times coming down off the stage to join the audience during certain disruptions. Now I know people say, "So what? Bloomberg doesn't really care about one or two voices in opposition. So Stringer could gain some political capital (with yahoos like you) while costing him nothing.

Well, it's enough for me to vote for him even if he won't get the sex worker vote (I've been told I am not being PC when using the term "prostitute"  -- ooops!.

In addition, Stringer beat the evil one in the Man B Pres election in 2005. Now you may say he did her a favor as she has gone on to charter school heaven, heading for a 100 schools one day. I'll bet that never happens as the bubble will not only bust due to the anti ed deform crowd, but the charter school crew itself is often outraged at her --- and guess where these 100 schools will be going? In direct competition with the current charters. Let's see them start talking about choice when there are no public schools to kick around and the choice is only between them.

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