Tuesday, August 27, 2013

NY Times to Adopt TFA Model: Will Fire all Reporters With More than 2 Years Experience

"Strong newspapers can withstand the turnover of their reporters," declared the Times on its editorial page. "Experienced reporters grow tired and less effective."
Ed Notes satire

New reporters will undergo two and a half weeks of training before being sent to locations like Syria and Egypt. An extra week of training will be required to cover the White House.

"Novice reporters will receive constant feedback from their bureau chiefs," said the editorial. "Reporters with the lowest 20% of readership of their articles will be terminated."

The Times will adopt the "two claps and a sizzle" celebratory chant for reporters whose stories go viral.

The Times is actively searching for a 27 year old with at least 3 years on the job to run the paper.

RBE at Pedido:

“It’s two claps and then a sizzle.” 

I dunno, maybe I'm a fool.

I never wanted to go on to something "better."

I like working with students in a classroom.

I think it's important to have experience at this job.

I have gotten better every year I have taught (I start my 13th year next week.)

The social and emotional learning skills I have picked up over the years as I have grown older myself have really helped me as a teacher.

I know how to reach students better now than I did in my first few years - sometimes that means academically (okay, that way of teaching isn't working, let's try this way...), sometimes that means emotionally (diagnosing what is holding a student back and then finding a way to begin helping the student through that issue...)

This is not the skill set a third year 24 year old TFAer has.


Anonymous said...

just wondering "What ever happened to the so-called Best and Brightest?"-oh yeah they left

Students Last said...

Experience isn't important to everyone: a very sad joke

John Owens said...

This is hilarious and spot on! Congrats!

Can you please make this so I can Facebook share and Tweet?

John Owens said...

Never mind about the facebook and twitter--I figured that out.
A whole lot easier to figure out than why the NYT doesn't "get it."
Gotta say again, I love this post.

Anonymous said...

Teaching, the only job where the more you do it the worse you get! However, the Lasik surgeons in Los Angeles brag about how many surgeries they have done. I want the one who has done two over the one who has done 2000.

Anonymous said...

hilarious! id like to do the same to all professions...see how they like it...

Catherine said...