Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lamenting left attack on de Blasio from the differing left prespectives

We know that the 1%, charter slugs and many others, including the Merryl Tisch/UFT, are jumping on de Blasio for obvious reasons.

These comments popped up on ICE-Mail. First an attack from the right.
I guess people are afraid of him
Click here: De Blasio downtown fund-raising galas eyed as illegal campaign contributions - NY Daily News

Then this lament about the left attack on de Blasio:

Here's the Left (Old? New? Occupy?) doing what is has always done so brutally well— finding fault with one of its own who has ventured outside the cabal.
This article/blog reveals some interesting stuff about NYC Democratic primary mayoral candidate Bill Di Blasio, and the ensuing comments show the Left at its feeding frenzy best, i.e.,  We should abandon Di Blasio (who has a chance of actually becoming mayor) because he is proof that politics, indeed, do make strange bedfellows (bedpersons?), and unearth ( in order to "support") the Green Party candidate who has zero chance of really impacting on the lives of New Yorkers, let alone zero chance of becoming mayor:

And a response - which is where I am coming from -- maybe vote for him but still thinking of Sal Albanese (see below). I was thinking of Liu until tonight when we were out with friends, a businessman who dealt with Liu -- not good things to say about honesty. Put your Weiner out there in tweets or try to screw someone -- character still counts for me.

While I may bring myself to vote for De Blasio in the primary, in what universe is he "one of its (the Left's) own?"

He was campaign manager for a carpetbagging Hillary Clinton, and while he may not be as openly vicious and contemptuous of us as Bloomberg - because he happens to need us at the moment - don't think for a minute that if elected he will not be sat down by some Worthy from the New York City Partnership and be told how the world works concerning the schools, zoning/real estate, control of the police, etc.

And he will do what they want.

De Blasio and Bruce Ratner are not strange bedfellows, but power center and affiliated political  broker.

The problem is not the Left cannibalizing its own - which it does do - but liberals and pwogwessives continually deluding themselves about the poses these characters assume during election season. 

Anybody remember "Hope" and "Change?" That didn't turn out too well, did it?

Just as Abby Hoffman said, "Don't buy advertising: make news," the Left should be saying, "Don't pay attention to candidates, make them pay attention to you."
Then these comments about Sal who just maybe is the protest vote even if he can't win. I really don't think the outcomes based on the choices we have will be as different as people think. Best case to teach that lesson is: de Blasio wins and turns into Bloomberg light.

On August 8 (two weeks ago), The NY Times published an editorial about the status of the Albanese campaign:

August 8, 2013

What About Sal?

On Tuesday night voters in New York City will be able to watch a live televised debate in the Democratic campaign for mayor. Five candidates were invited: Christine Quinn, Bill de Blasio, William Thompson Jr., John Liu and Anthony Weiner. Sal Albanese was not.
He didn’t meet the eligibility requirement for the debate, which WABC-TV is co-sponsoring with Univision, The Daily News and the League of Women Voters. Invitations were sent in April to the candidates who at the time seemed likely, in the sponsors’ judgment, to raise enough in donations to qualify for matching public funds under New York’s campaign-finance law.
Mr. Albanese, a former City Council member, might eventually qualify for public funds but hasn’t yet, and organizers felt sure in April that he wouldn’t — so he’s out. Mr. Albanese complains that the organizers bent and broke their own rules — first by adding Mr. Weiner, who wasn’t around in April, and then by keeping Mr. Liu, who has no public funds (the New York City Campaign Finance Board voted this week to withhold money from the Liu campaign, citing evidence of fund-raising violations).
Mr. Albanese notes that another big exception was made for the Republican debate, which has only three candidates, two of whom, John Catsimatidis and George McDonald, are not taking public funds. Organizers figured Joseph Lhota couldn’t debate himself, so they invited everybody. They did the same with the comptroller debate between Scott Stringer and the self-financed Eliot Spitzer.
This is a shabby way to treat Mr. Albanese. Yes, he is low in the polls, but he has been a thoughtful contributor to this long, lively campaign. Shame on the organizers, especially the League of Women Voters, for not standing up for Mr. Albanese. They should let voters hear about his plans to fix the schools, his ideas on mass transit, sanitation, public safety, parks. If there is room for only five candidates, then drop Mr. Weiner.

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