Saturday, August 9, 2014

Gypsy Pics - One Last Time

Farmhands - only pic on this page I didn't take

I am a hoarder - never throw anything away - so I have these pics on my hard drive and want to delete them to make room. So, I just use Ed Notes as a dumping ground. What other purpose does it have?

I set up the camera and let it roll when I went backstage

The orchestra pit

Chowsie played by Nick

Baby June

Louise - growing up

Chinese restaurant scene

Baby June grownup

June and Louise sing about Mama getting married

Louise and Tacoma finale

Everything's Coming up Mama Roses

The Torreadoras

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Not this way

Who cares if she can play the trumpet?

Boy, they gotta gimmick

Go out and strip, girl

Cast party - Franky (right) and John with prop for Godspell

Catherine with gift for Director Susan

John after dancing

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