Monday, August 18, 2014

Julie Cavanagh Former Students Head For College - Help Them Out

Dear Friends, Family and Colleagues:

Two of my (in some cases for those receiving this, "our") former students are heading to college next week!  
Sterling Baker and Devine Fludd attended PS 15 and I had the privilege to teach and learn with them for two years (and additionally have remained in each other's lives ever since then... Sterling calls me every year on my birthday and even called me on my wedding day :) ). We will drive up to Herkimer College next Wednesday, almost 18 years to the day that one of my high school teachers drove me to college.  

Sterling and Devine have not only endured but thrived in the face of monumental challenges in their lives and have created this opportunity for themselves with little support and minimal resources.

Sterling will be studying Sports and Recreation Management with the goal of transferring to a physical therapy program in two years.  He will also be playing basketball.

Devine will be studying Communication Arts:  Music Industry Marketing and Management.  Devine is a talented artist and poet and wants to work in the music industry.

We created a Go Fund me page for each of them to help with transitional expenses (they will each be living on their own for the first time and furnishing a dorm room is expensive!), books and supplies, traveling back to Brooklyn when their dorms are closed and other incidental needs that arise in college.  Both men have been working for the last year and will work in college, but will also need additional support.  

Please donate if you can and share where you see fit.  All money raised will be well managed and go directly to their college needs (and I don't mean Friday night pizza!).  Sterling's Go Fund Me page  Devine's Go Fund Me page

Thank you!

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