Friday, August 15, 2014

Michelle Rhee Joins Scotts Miracle-Gro, Adding More Manure to the Pile - Teachers Call for Boycott

I've had to inform my wife that she will have to find other ways next year to fertilize her veggie patch, most likely with night soil.
“I’ve always wanted to switch to natural fertilizer – so long Miracle-Gro,” an Indiana teachers union president wrote. A math teacher in Illinois said he’s disappointed that he doesn’t buy Scotts products, “Because it means my boycott will not cost them money.” “No more miracle grow for me! Teachers boycott Miracle Grow!!” wrote a music teacher in Georgia.
Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. after the company appointed school-reformer Michelle Rhee to its board, but Scotts is standing behind its new director.
After the Marysville-based company appointed the former head of Washington, D.C., schools this week, teachers from across the country have left comments on the story pledging not to buy Scotts’ lawn-and-garden products....
Rhee's role will be to duct tape all products that are returned.
It’s important to note that no teachers unions have said they’ll boycott Scotts.
I'd like to see our union call for boycotts when top-level ed deformer slimebags are involved.

Full story here. Thanks to Jeff Kaufman for posting.

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